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What is Quality in Embroidery?

Australian Made Mask

We tend to recognize quality when we see it, especially if it is in an area we are familiar with. But defining what quality is can be difficult. If we were to make a definition it wold include:

– Doing the relevant job well
– Fitting in with anything else that is part of the job.
– Attention to details
– Being made to last
– Not causing problems/side effects
– No storage issues
– No safety issues
– Looking good

Australian Made Mask

Almost everybody wear a mask at least sometimes during the Covid-19 situation. This initially caused a shortage problem as disposable mask were not previously used in such great numbers. One solution to the shortage was to use cloth masks instead of disposable paper ones. This became popular with many people as the cloth masks often looked better, especially if they were given some customized design.
Cloth masks can also be re-used, unlike paper masks which only last for a day. But the cloth mask should be washed on a regular basis, preferable at the end of each day. As such, we advise buying two cloth masks, so one can be worn as the other is washed.

Australian Made Mask Embroidery Sydney

Perhaps the best ways to customize a cloth mask is with embroidery. Any design can be put on a cloth mask, and this design can be matched to the rest of the individual’s clothing. We can even have different embroidered masks for different occasions.
A quality cloth mask will last for years, and provide significant protection against airbourne illnesses.

Australian Made Mask

An embroidered cloth mask provides long lasting protection against illness. Choose a customized design.

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