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Why Wear an Australian Made Mask?

Australian Made Mask

Our lives have all be radically altered by the Coronavirus lock-down. Many of us now work from home, many of us use hand sanitizer several times per day, and almost everybody wears a face-mask when in public spaces.
The Coronavirus can easily spread though respiratory droplets. It is all to easy to breath the virus in if we are within a few meters of an infected person. A decent face-mask can greatly reduce the risk of breathing in and contracting the virus. Such a simple preventative measure as a face-mask is well worth using.
In the first few weeks of the pandemic disposable mask were in short supply, as nobody saw the problem coming. This threatened to leave medical professionals without the masks that they previously took for granted, to say nothing of the need for masks in the general population.
The great alternative to these disposable paper mask were the cloth masks. These were reusable, and worked out to be cheaper after a few weeks. It was good practice to buy a few cloth masks, and wear one while the others were washed and laundered.

Embroidered Australian Made Mask

Another advantage of cloth masks is that they can be customized. This prevents everybody from looking the same. At the very least a cloth masks can be any colour we like. They can also be embroidered with a personal design. We encourage this as a new, modern use for embroidery.

Australian Made Mask

Give some positive spin to the lock-down situation with an embroidered mask. Our computer system can give you any design.