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Should I Use an Australian Made Mask During Lockdown ?

An Australian Made Mask During Lockdown?

Australian Made Mask

We have no real choice about lock-down during the Covid-19 epidemic. But we have a choice in how we deal with the situation.
Most of us realize that face masks are worthwhile when we are outdoors, or in public spaces. They do a fairly good job of blocking the germs that causes many illnesses, including Covid-19. The downside is that they are not especially fashionable, and by covering the face we all tend lose some individuality, with everybody looking rather the same.
We can help the situation by wearing customized masks. While a paper mask is generic a custom made mask can have any design we like. Perhaps this is not the same as our own face, but it least means we can all be different and potentially fashionable.

Australian Made Mask – Embroidery

We can add almost any design to a cloth mask with embroidery. This means mask designs that are personalized, and (because they are cloth) masks that are reusable.
Because cloth masks need to be washes, usually at the end of each day, we recommend having a few masks. This way you can wear a fresh mask while the others are in the wash, rather like socks and undergarments.
It is a relatively simple matter to have several masks embroidered with computer aided technology.

Australian Made Mask

have us embroider a mask with any design you like. Be individual in the time of lock-down.