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Why Wear An Australian Made Mask?

Australian Made Mask

With the worldwide crisis of the Covid-19 virus the public face-mask has become a common, literally ubiquitous, sight. This is for a good reason. face-masks are s simple yet effective way to significantly reduce the spread of disease like Covid-19.
In some part of Australia, like Victoria, the face-mask has become mandatory. Residents are expected to carry a face-mask at all times, so they can wear it when amid other people. The exemptions are rare.

– Face masks are mandatory on public transport, taxis and when sharing vehicles.
– Face masks must be worn in shopping centres.
– Face masks are recommended when you are withing 1.5 meters of other individuals.
– Face mask must be fitted designs that cover the nose and mouth. Unfortunately alternatives like scarves or face shields. are not acceptable.

Disposable paper masks, as often worn by health professionals, were initially the only option for the public. These were in low supply for a time as suppliers/manufactures did not anticipate the Covid epidemic. But the supply situation has improved, with the advent of cloth masks and the production of more paper masks.
Cloth masks offer a few advantages over the more common paper masks. For one thing they are reusable, so we soon save money after the initial purchase. As long as we wash the mask at the end of the day we can keep reusing it. Cloth masks can also be customized with an individuals design, so we need no look anonymous in a sea of conformity, with everybody wearing the same paper mask.

Australian Made Mask

Have a cloth mask customized for your own use, or to encourage your children to keep wearing a mask in public. It is a simple matter to embroider a mask with the right computer embroidery equipment. With embroidery we an have pretty much any mask design we want.
We recommend two or more masks, so we can wear one mask while the other is on the wash.

Australian Made Mask

Have a few embroidered cloth face-masks to keep yourself and any children healthier during the Covid-19 epidemic.