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Australian Made Masks in the Time of Covid

Australian Made Mask

Nobody saw the Covid-19 pandemic coming. But we have done better in this circumstance than in some past epidemics. A little knowledge and preparation go a long way to handling a difficult situation. And the prevalence of masks have been a huge part of this, allowing us a fair amount of social interaction in relative safety.
Paper masks are effective, but they are not reusable. And supplies were running short at one point. The great alternative is cloth masks. These are reusable. And they can be decorated to give us a little bit of individual style, and prevent us for looking too similar to everybody else.

We recommend two or three cloth masks for each individual, so we can wear one while the others are in the wash.
– Some advantages of wearing Australian Made Cloth Masks;
– Reusable for months on end, perhaps even longer.
– They can be embroidered in any design.
– Save money on buying cloth masks.
– Feel like a comic book superhero when wearing the mask.
– Have matching masks, and give one to your partner.
– Match the mask to suit your outfit.
– Don’t get your personalized mask confused with somebody else’s mask.

Australian Made Mask

Face masks are the first line of defense against Corona Virus. Have a cloth mask embroidered to you personal taste.