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Why Use an Embroidered Face Mask?

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The Coronavirus changed everybody’s life to at least some extent. We all had to adopt lifestyle changes that reduced the chance of spreading the virus, including diligent hygiene and sanitising habits, and the wearing of face mask in public.

Initially there was a shortage of face masks. We previously did not require the entire population to wear masks on a daily basis. In the past only medical professionals needed this protection. So supplies of disposable face masks initially ran short. The situation was easier for those who used cloth masks, which had the advantage of being reusable.

Cloth masks are the best option for the general public. These reusable masks offer decent protection against spreading or contracting the Coronavirus, comparable to disposable paper mask. And they can be customised to suit the individual. Using cloth masks means there will be more disposable masks for the medical profession, who need to use several disposable masks each day, one for each new patient.

It is a good option to have two or three cloth masks, so we can wear one mask while the others are being laundered. A set of cloth masks can easily last for several years, which proves much less expensive than constantly buying disposable masks every day.

Cloth mask can be embroidered with virtually any design we wish. This is relatively cheap, and allows us to match the mask to our outfit, or to simply have a design that suits our personal taste.

Children are much more likely to wear their face mask if it is decorated with a design that they like. An embroidered mask is worthwhile for children simply to encourage it regular use.

Embroidered Australian Face Mask

Invest in a few embroidered masks to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Encourage children to wear a mask by giving them an embroidered mask with a design that they like.

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