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Reusable Australian Made Masks

Australian Made Mask

The Covid-19 pandemic all but forces us to wear masks in public. This inadvertently gives everybody a degree of anonymity – we all start to look the same when we all wear a surgical mask.
When the pandemic first became public knowledge the supplies of disposable masks started to run alarmingly low. This was a problem for everybody, especially for health professionals who routinely wore them as part of their work. The obvious alternative, the solution, was reusable masks.
While disposable masks remain the best option for health professionals like doctors and dentists who need to change masks for each client, reusable masks are a good option for all individuals who were the same mask all day.
Reusable masks can be worn for a day, then washed, ready to be used again. The sensible approach here is to have two or three masks, so there is always a clean mask to wear while the other are in the laundry.
An additional advantage of the reusable cloth mask is customisation. A cloth mask can be decorated with any design, or simply made from decorated cloth. An easy option for decorating a mask is embroidery. We can have plain cloth embroidered with virtually any design we want.
Decorated masks can be match to suit the outfit we wear, perhaps for a formal occasion. Of they can be decorated with a novel design that suits an individual’s taste.
There is no need to look generic if you have a decorated, embroidered mask.

Australian Made Mask

Embroidered masks can be decorated with virtually any design, and be washed for re-use over and over again.

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