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Modern Australian Made Masks for Social Wear

A few years ago it was unusual to wear a surgical mask in public. Celebrities like Michael Jackson we considered eccentric for wearing a mask. The general public mistakenly thought that the people wearing the mask were the ones who were ill, when in fact the individuals wearing the mask were really just trying to protect themselves.

Since Covid became worldwide epidemic masks have become the norm. And we have come to understand that they are worn to prevent illness. People who are healthy are much less likely to contract an illness if they wear a mask, and use other precautions like sanitiser. Furthermore, a person who is already ill is less likely to spread the infection to others if they are wearing an Australian-made mask.

For a time the regular paper mask was in short supply. Previously the paper masks were mostly worn by medical and dental practitioners. Supplies ran low when everybody started wearing them.

The great alternative was cloth masks. These are ideal for the general public. The cloth masks could be washed and continually reused. This saved the paper masks for the medical profession, who needed a new mask for each patient.

An added advantage of the cloth mask is that it can be custom decorated to suit the individual. This helps reduce the uniform monotony of everybody wearing the identical face covering. And it allows us to have masks that match our style of dress.

Children also do better with cloth masks; we can give them a mask with a cartoon or novelty design, which encourages them to wear it more often.

We suggest having two or three cloth masks, so there is always a clean mask while the other mask is being laundered.

We can embroider any cloth mask with virtually any design in Australia. Have a mask that suits you, or that suits your fashion sense. Triumph a little over the Covid situation by embracing your individuality, and having a unique cloth mask design.