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Advantages of Embroidery Australian Made Masks

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Embroidery goes back for centuries. Before the industrial revolution it was all done by hand, with every design being at least a little unique, because human hands never do quite the same thing twice. Today we use machines to most embroidery, at least for uniforms and most commercial applications. A few people still do this type of thing for a hobby. But with computer digitizing software even individual designs can be produced very effectively with machines.

So what are the advantages of embroidery?

Embroidery can be creative?

You can put almost any design on a garment or piece of cloth with embroidery. As long as you don’t need photo-realism there is no limit. About the only alternative is printing on a shirt, and this still requires special equipment.

Embroidery is permanent

unlike printing what wear and fades easily an embroidered design is as permanent as the the garment it is on.

Embroidery Can be Duplicated by Machine.

Computer designs can be used on caps, shirt, banners, blazers, or anything else. The computer can be replicated matching designs, even if they are on different materials.

Australian Made Mask

We are all but forced wear a mask today. But we can make the best of the situation by custom designing our own masks. Have your mask embroidered with something original. Children can have their masks embroidered with a character or design that they like, which encourages them to wear the mask.