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Advantages Of Australian Made Masks

Australian Made Mask

Face Masks are a fact of life at the moment. We are legally expected to wear a protective masks in many public places. But it is more than a legal requirement of social expectation at work here. Most of us wear masks out of our of common sense, wanting to avoid Covid, and any other potential illness.
At first almost all the masks available to the public were disposable. These masks were quite effective against disease, but the cost was an issue as the mask could only be worn once. And a limited supply of disposable masks meant that some professionals, doctors and dentists who wore had been wearing masks even before the Covid pandemic, were being left out.
The solution was reusable masks. This was not a new idea, but reuseable masks were not being manufactured in large numbers till recently; there had not been much demand for them. But in the time of Covid a resuable mask is a solid idea that was in great demand. These masks were effective, and were less expensive inthe long term as they could be reused.
While doctors, dentists and other health professionals need disposable masks in great number, changing them for each new patient, the general public do better with reusable masks. The reusable mask could be worn and then washed at the end of each day.

Embroidered Australian Made Mask

To avoid a sense of anonomous uniformity we can customize a reusable mask. Embroidery is one great way to do this, allowing us to put virtually any design we like on a mask. We can match this to the rest of the clothing, or just add some novelty. Alternativly, we can just use decorated cloth on a reuseable mask.
We suggest having two or three masks, so there is always a fresh mask to be worn while other masks are in the wash.

Australian Made Mask

Make the best of the lockdown situation, and have an embroidered facemask or two made to suit your sense of style.

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