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Uniforms and Australian Made Masks

Australian Made Mask and Uniform

Company uniforms are great for presenting a professional image to customers, and for boosting solidarity of staff. Many individuals find they put on a professional attitude when they put on the company insignia.

Any uniform can be embroidered with a company logo, to make it look professional and smart. With modern computer design and computer aided manufacturing processes it is relatively easy to create consistent, smart looking embroidered logos.

Embroidered logos can be put on caps, shirt pockets, shirt sleeves, or on company products like tablecloths or towels. This gives a strong sense of coherence to everything a company does.

Australian Made Mask

Since the Covid-19 pandemic face masks have become ubiquitous. Initially these were almost always paper masks, which made everybody look the same. But some people soon realised that cloth masks were a good alternative to paper. The cloth masks were reusable and could be personalised with different colours and embellishments.

Embroidery can be used to add company logos to cloth masks, effectively making them part of a matching uniform. These are ideal for delivery services, or anybody working with customer services. The embroidered mask protects employees from infections, which is an important issue when we see many different people during the working day. And embroidered masks convey the right professional image.

Australian Made Mask and Uniforms

Computer embroidery can add slick professional logos to company uniforms and masks, giving the right look for your company.

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