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Masks Around Australia

Australian Made Mask

The Lockdown restrictions fluctuate over time and vary between Australian states. But to some extend we all find that some of our pre-restriction habits are necessary. While we can spend more of our time working from home, we cannot spend all our time at home. So as we learn to adopt hand-washing, social distancing and face-masks into our daily we find we can return to local shopping and a few smaller social situations.
Outside our homes the face-mask has become ubiquitous. In a few places, like public transport, they are now mandatory. This is fine, because the precautions go a long way to preventing the spread of disease. Australia suffers far less from this pandemic than many other countries. Face-mask and other precautions made a huge difference.

Workings of a Australian Made Mask

Masks work in two ways to prevent the spread of disease – They prevent a health individual from inhaling germs. And they prevent an ill person from spreading germs to others. As we may not know if we are healthy or ill so it makes sense to always wear a mask in public.
Initial almost all face-masks were the disposable type. But these quickly fell into short supply. This was an important issue as doctors and dentists needed the masks more than the general public. So the alternative was reusable masks.
Reusable masks are cloth rather than paper. They can be wash and reused for years, just like any shirt or socks. They are quite effective for reducing the spread of germs. Only medical staff, who are seeing many sick people on a daily basis, prefer disposable masks.

Custom Australian Made Mask

If a mask is cloth then it can be embroidered or decorated in any number of ways. We can make great use of this advantage that cloth masks have over paper, and design a custom mask that is fashionable, comical, or at least individual.
We recommend two or three masks per individual. One mask can be worn while the others are in the wash.

Custom Australian Made Mask

Have a custom embroidered mask to keep you and your colleagues safe during the pandemic.

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