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Embroidery on an Australian Made Mask

Australian Made Mask

Masks have varied between mandatory and recommended over the past two years. It is not hard to see why. When worn by both parties, the sick and the healthy, they reduce the chance of spreading Covid-19. So even when the wearing of masks is not enforced, we personally still think they are a good preventative measure.

Disposable masks are unfortunately a worrying issue. At first, they were in short supply because nobody knew the pandemic was coming. And we did not want to take away from the reserve supply used by doctors and dentists. Then, when more disposable masks came on the market, people started to notice the pollution they produced. When so many people started using disposable masks the landfill started to become cluttered. This is a legitimate issue. When everybody on the planet wears a new mask every day we produce countless tonnes of waste.

The solution was reusable masks. These cloth masks could be worn and washed many times, with a set of decent quality masks lasting more than a year. The idea was to buy two of three masks, so there was always a clean mask to wear while the other mask(s) were washed. This proved a satisfactory solution.

Custom Embroidery Australian Made Mask

Given the face masks are here for the time being, we should make the most of the situation and do something creative with them. A society of people all wearing identical masks, even if the colors vary, seems rather dull. And it leaves the possibility of getting individuals masks mixed up; we don’t want to put on somebody else’s mask by mistake. So we can customize masks with embroidery.

Advantages of an Embroidered Australian Made Mask

  • We can all look a little different with different embroidery.
  • There is far less chance of accidentally using somebody else’s mask.
  • It looks professional.
  • It is 3D, so it has a pleasing texture
  • It can be a individual design, yet repeated by computer control across many garments
  • Embroidery can be done over seams, in necessary
  • It is very long-lasting.
  • It works on almost any material
  • It will rarely fade in the wash or Sun, unlike simple printing
  • Embroidery is good option for logos or cartoon type images.

The only disadvantages of embroidery are slight. The details of the embroidered image cannot be too fine, nor can they be photorealstic.

Australian Made Mask

Face masks are essential protection against Covid. An embroidered cloth mask is washable, reuseable and customizable.

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