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Australian Made Masks for the Festive Season

Australian Made Mask Embroidery

There are many occasions where embroidery creates something appropriate, but Christmas is more than most other seasons. This is partly because we associate both Christmas and embroidery with warm clothing (even in hot countries) so we get embroidered goods at Christmas. But this is also because embroidery is so great for anything from custom designs to simple Christmas symbols like snowflakes and stars. So there is so much that comes to be done with embroidery at this time of year, even for those who are not too experienced with needles and thread.

During lockdown and other Covid-19 restrictions, we are all wearing masks at least some of the time. As some relief from the potential monotony of everybody wearing the same mask, we can get our cloth masks customised with embroidery. Our professional embroidery can do this in minimal time.

As it is Christmas we might want to consider some appropriately themed masks.

  • Forest scenes, with reindeer.
  • Stars, or an outline of a star with other symbols inside the borders.
  • Hearts are attractive in any season.
  • Candy canes with stripes
  • Snowmen
  • Holly
  • Flowers, another emblem good for all year
  • Snow-covered mountains.
  • Christmas trees might seem complex, but a series of small emblems arranged in an upward-pointing triangle looks like a decorated tree.
  • A Santa Claus Beard
  • A reindeer nose
  • Just a text message that is appropriate for the season – Merry Christmas to all.

Reusable cloth masks are a decent stocking stuffer, that will get some use in the next few months.

Australian Made Mask Embroidery

Australian Made Mask – Cloth masks can be embroidered to look unique and individual, and they offer solid protection against airborne germs.