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Customise and Australian Made Mask

Australian Made Mask
Society changed with the Covid pandemic and the countermeasures designed to prevent the spread of the illness. What was once obsessive compulsive disorder (wearing a mask in public, washing hands many times per day) is now not only normal, but recommended and even sometimes mandatory. But as hygiene masks have become commonplace, they have also adapted to fit the culture and individuals.

Initially, all the facemasks worn in public were standard paper medical masks. These were effective, but the sudden demand when the pandemic started left supplies of masks depleted. This was very difficult for doctors, dentists and other health professionals who always wore masks as part of their regular work. There was a chance of not having enough paper masks for standard medical services.

A second issue, though far less urgent, was that everybody wore identical masks. This was monotonous, making us all look the same. It was sometimes an issue telling people apart.

These issues were partly solved with the use of cloth face masks. The fact that cloth masks were reusable meant that the supplies of paper masks were not threatened. It also saved some money, as we didn’t need to buy now masks every day.
Instead, we bought two or three cloth masks, and cycled through them, wearing one as the others were washed.

Cloth masks also provide an additional advantage. They can be customised. While it is possible to customise a disposable mask, the effort is hardly worth it – the mask is thrown out at the end of the day. But an embroidered cloth mash can be worn and reused for several years before it needs replacing.

An embroidered mask has a certain playful appeal. It encourages children to wear a mask, especially if it features a favourite cartoon character or design. It also allows adults to be less anonymous, as each embroidered mask can at least be a little distinct.

Australian Made Mask

Have an embroidered Australian made mask to help protect against illness. Custom embroidery allows for some individual style.