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Design Uniform and Workwear Embroidery

Workwear Embroidery

A uniform is so much a part of any industry or sporting attire. They offer many benefits, giving staff a sense of solidarity when wearing the ‘team colours’ and customers the right impression of professional operation. They also provide additional advertising whenever staff wear the uniform. The trick is to get the right uniform for your industry and your company.


Uniform Colours:

Colour has a huge psychological effect. It is something we usually take for granted; but we sense there is something amiss when the colours are wrong. If we get the right colour for a uniform it will make sense, and nobody will question it.

White – Clean and simple, often clinical. This is right for medical practices, and any industry that wants to give an image of being a no-nonsense, straight-to-business operation. We can pair white with other colours to reduce the monotony. A lab coat for a company is often enough to give the right professional look you need.

Yellow – This has a cheerful, creative look. But it is easy to overdo this. Perhaps it is better to use this for highlights rather than a main colour. Yellow (along with bright orange) is also a high-visibility colour, essential for some safety situations.

Green – Looks natural, calm and confident. This can work well for services like delivery companies, catering, hospitality, etc. It is one colour that can be used for an entire uniform.

Blue – Is a popular choice for uniforms, especially in working trades. It gives an impression of honesty and reliability. There are plenty of tough, hard-wearing materials, like denim overalls, available in blue.

Black – This can be a little strong looking, almost unapproachable, but it works well for theatrical industries. People working in the background for concerts often wear black.

Pink – We associate this with care and compassion. It is an unthreatening colour. Some hospitality staff use pink uniforms.


We believe that workwear embroidery can turn almost any decent outfit into a professional uniform. A company logo on the left pocket is enough to make almost anything look professional. Logos and emblems also work on sleeves, or across the back of a shirt.

Workwear embroidery is long-lasting, far superior to transfers or other means of adding detail to a uniform. And when done in bulk with computer embroidery machines, the cost is minimal.


Workwear Embroidery

Have professional company or sports uniforms created with embroidery. Company logos on uniforms show you are a professional outfit.


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