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Workwear Embroidery Guide

Workwear Embroidery

Workwear Considerations.

Staff uniforms are only one aspect of running a business. But any one aspect of a business can make or break a company. So, we need to put some thought into what works well for the company that we run.

The right workwear can make your staff look and feel professional, and hopefully comfortable. In some cases, like construction work, the uniform must also include safety features, like high visibility colours. But mostly we want the uniform to look right for the type of company that we have – formal for a prestige service, perhaps bright and happy for entertainment.

There is always a budget consideration for uniforms. This has a few levels. There is the initial cost of the uniform. And there is the expected lifespan; will we have to pay for a replacement every two years. Furthermore, there is the laundry cost; dry clean items will cost a lot to maintain. Lastly, will you need several uniforms for each employee, or perhaps several shirts and a single hat.

Workwear Embroidery Guide

Almost any garment can be made into a uniform with embroidery. Workwear embroidery Sydney can be applied to hats, collared shirts, polo shirts, denim, leather, jackets, overalls, or any apparel. In some cases, like restaurant staff, it is applied to handtowels and linen carried by the staff.

Machine workwear embroidery is almost universal today. It is far too time consuming to use hand embroidery. But machine workwear embroidery can be automated and applied consistently across a variety of mediums. This gives pristine results with company emblems or monographs embroidered with immaculate results.

Workwear embroidery is superior to iron-on logos or any other mean of putting text/images on clothing. Embroidery is largely fade resistant, and will last as long as the clothing. It cannot provide superfine detail, but it is more than sufficient for even the most intricate company logo.

Rainbow Embroidery provide a full service, including machine workwear embroidery. This give consistent, high quality results for a huge range of company unforms, or for other company apparel, including linen, bags, or promotional items.


Workwear Embroidery

Rainbow embroidery has computer controlled embroidery systems, idea for bulk orders including sports and company uniforms.





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