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Advantages of Work Uniforms

Workwear Embroidery

Uniform Workwear Embroidery

Many companies have some form of uniform or work clothing. These are seen as providing many advantages:

Professionalism – A uniform looks professional, which strongly reflects on the company.

Staff recognition – A uniform says: ‘I work here.’. No ambiguity.

Advertising – Uniforms work as advertising. This builds brand awareness. And it has an advantage over written or online advertising as the company is seen as active and real, not just a picture on a page.

Staff Solidarity – People tend to put on a professional attitude with the uniform. And they know to cooperate with others in the uniform, as they are part of the team.

No need for a Dress Code – We need to maintain standards at work including dress standards. If each individual has to figure this out for themselves, what is appropriate to wear, then we might be spending time making the right choice and making mistakes on occasion. With a uniform, the choice is made for us, with consistent, attractive results.

Reduces Segregation – The social status in the company is determined by position in the company and the uniform. The individual’s outside social status is less of an influence. Rich or poor, all wear the appropriate uniform.

No Fashion Changes – Fashions change faster than we realise. Most people feel at least some need to follow this. Anyone wearing a 1970s suit would be ridiculed. But a uniform remains constant, or all the company change uniform all at the same time.

Design and Durability – A uniform can be made of tough material for manual labour, or easy to clean aprons for professional chefs. The right choice for the particular type of job will last for years.

Safety and Functionality – Will manual labourers risk catching sleeves on sharp corners, or do the people outside need sun protection? Perhaps high visibility is needed, so we make the uniform bright orange. Make this part of the uniform and avoid a lot of trouble.

Tax Deduction – This is a work-related expense, so it is a tax deduction.

Company Workwear Embroidery

Embroidery can turn anything from a business shirt to a set of overalls into a uniform. We might like to have a complete uniform made this way, or perhaps a shirt with a company emblem on the shirt pocket works for your business.

Embroidery is perhaps the best option for uniforms. It lasts far longer than printing, and can be used on almost any decent material. The only other comparable option is sewn on badges, which are a form of embroidery too.

Embroidery works at an individual level as well as a company level. We can have each individual staff member’s name on the top pocket with embroidery. And we can give the managers and admin staff their own embroidered signifier of rank.


Workwear Embroidery

Uniform embroidery looks professional and is long lasting. Our computer embroidery systems mean consistent quality at a reasonable price.


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