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Can We Customize Cloth Masks?

Australian Made Mask

In this present time of Corona Virus Restrictions we have little choice about wearing masks. They are not always mandatory in public, being enforced in some circumstances and merely recommended in others. But we all lend up wearing a mask at least some of the time.

For a while virtually all masks were paper, the traditional type of protection used by doctors and dentists. These were disposable, which is an advantage for people in the medical industry, because a new mask is needed for each patient. But the situation is different when masks are used in public. A cloth mask is used all day, then washed for reuse another day. So cloth masks are better for public use.

A great advantage of a cloth mask is that it can be customized. It is a simple matter to put embroidery on a cloth mask. And this feels good, for though we are obliged to wear masks we can still do it at least partially on our own terms.

An embroidered masks can have any design at all. So we can be as original as a design on a cloth hat or a shirt. In fact, it would be a simple matter to colour and design coordinate all these clothing items.

An extra advantage of an embroidered mask is that we are far less likely to pick up somebody else’s masks be mistake. So there is a reduced risk of cross contamination.

Australian Made Mask

Have an embroidered face mask in this time of Corona Virus Social restriction. We can add any design you like.