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Are you looking for Australian Made Mask?

The Coronavirus and the resulting lockdown of 2020 was not something that the general public expected. Yet now that it has occured we must all adapt our lifestyle in order to reduce the spread of the problem. We can be glad that modern technology, such as computer communication and the ability to work from home, has made the situation easier.

Some states in Australia suffer from the Virus more than others, with Victoria being especially hard hit. Government restrictions reflect the severity of the outbreak, with the Victoria government having made Social distancing and Facemasks mandatory in public spaces since August 2nd.

Face masks are highly recommended in most other parts of Australia, though they not always mandatory. Most of us realize that this simple precaution is quite sensible. If a facemask will significantly reduce the chance of catching or spreading the virus then it is worth the slight inconvenience.

There are two general options for face masks: Disposable paper masks or reusable cloth masks. The reusable mask is perhaps the better long term option, as we do not have to constantly purchase new masks. And it gives us some ability to personalize our appearance.

We have cloth masks in several colours, which can be embroidered to suit our taste. These masks have 3 layers, greatly reducing the chance of contracting airbourne diseases.

Cloth masks can be washed and reused daily. UV light sources are also good for disinfecting masks. Purchasing two mask is a good option, as one can be worn as the other is being washed.