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Australian Made Mask

Unfortunately, Covid has yet to disappear. In fact, we can expect to have the occasional resurgence in the foreseeable future. So for the time being it looks like we will continue to wear face masks.

When the pandemic first became public we were advised to wear masks. For most people, this meant disposable paper masks, because these were initially more readily available. But the supplies of paper masks soon ran out, because nobody had the stock of supplies needed for the pandemic. We looked to the obvious alternative, cloth masks.

Cloth masks offered many advantages for most people. They were reusable, moderately cheap, and there was the possibility of wearing a colour design that paper disposable masks did not offer. For most of the public, this made cloth masks a better option. Only medical professionals needed the disposable masks because they needed a new mask for each new patient.

An added advantage of cloth masks is that they do not deplete the stock of disposable masks that the professionals need. If the public sticks to cloth masks the professionals will not run out of paper disposable masks.

Cloth masks can be individualized with embroidery. This allows us to have a mask made to suit the occasion, or simply to suit our own taste. If nothing else the mask can be unique, so we don’t confuse it with somebody else’s mask.

We suggest having three cloth masks. This allows us to always have a clean mask while the others are being washed or dried. A few cloth masks will soon prove to be cheaper than the purchase of new paper masks each day.

Australian Made Mask

An embroidered face mask can be individual and still protect us from airborne germs. Invest in a few cloth masks.