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All You Need to Know About Embroidery Services

Fashion Embroidery Sydney

Embroidery can be used to add something to an otherwise plain item of clothing. This can be anything from adding a few details to covering an entire blouse.

Some popular embroidery additions:

– Collars – Add some fancy lines, flowers on a vine, stars, or some cartoon animals
– Necklines – Some embroidery that follows the top of the shirt or blouse. Flowers, leaves, geometric patterns, celtic inscriptions are all popular.
– Breast pocket – anything from a coat of arms to a cuddly cartoon character.
– Lace on the sleeves or the top of the garment.
– Embroidery on jeans pockets – animals, stars, fancy lines.
– Jackets – A denim jacket can have the entire back covered with a fancy embroidery design.
– Caps – A design on the front of a cap looks impressive.
– Slogans or quotes on the breast pocket.

Uniform Embroidery Sydney

Uniforms are a different thing to fashion, but they can still be approached creatively. And of course, they can make great use of embroidery.

The embroidery will not be the basis of a uniform; rather, it is the finishing touch. Uniforms should convey the impression of professionalism, as much for the person wearing them as for the clients who hire their services. This will vary with the profession, so an entertainment company will have a different uniform to a security service. But both may make use of embroidery.

Popular things to add to uniforms with embroidery:

– Breast pocket company emblem
– Side sleeve embroidery company emblem
– Rank insignia
– Collar emblems
– The Individual’s name

Uniform Embroidery Sydney

Add that extra something to any clothing item with professional embroidery. Computer design and implementation makes for impeccable results.