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Logo Design

Uniform Embroidery Sydney

Many companies like to have their employees in a uniform. It certainly looks professional and can give a sense of solidarity to staff. Of course it helps to have a good design, or at the very least a uniform that distinguishes you from other companies.

Many uniforms use a company logo, something that can be carried over to business cards, letterhead and advertising. Designing an applicable logo is something of an art. But its a worthy pursuit for a serious company.

There are no hard and fast rules for designing logos, every one is or should be unique. And they may be designed differently according to the company image, serious or lighthearted. But there are some points to consider.

– It has to work in a glance. A logo is a picture that communicates a lot in a single image. A company name, and maybe motto, is about as much text as you can use. Rely on the image to communicate the look of the company and line of business.
– The golden ratio, 1 : 1.618, is a balanced look that appears in many natural phenomena and created designs. Many, but not all, logos work on this principle.
– Look at contrasting colours for designs. Red vs green, or Purple vs yellow, look good on many designs.
– Logos that work in silhouette are easy to transfer across different mediums. And they can work many colour variations. Think of the different Apple computer logos.

Uniform Embroidery Sydney

Modern embroidery uses computer control to achieve consistent results and fancy designs across variety of mediums. Have the right logo for all your company employees.

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