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Reusable Cloth Australian Made Mask

The inconvenience of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all. But we should be thankful that Australia has not suffered nearly as badly as other countries. And remember that precautions such as face masks greatly reduce the risk of contracting the potentially fatal Covid infection.
Face masks are simple, yet effective. They prevent the breathing in of germs, so we are far less likely to get sick. The only disadvantages are the slight awkwardness of wearing a face covering, making breathing a little uncomfortable at first, and making speech a little difficult. We also tend to all look the same when wearing a mask. But this is a small price to pay.

Disposable masks were initially used when the Covid pandemic first became public knowledge. These worked well but quickly fell in short supply as so any people used them in public. The alternative for many people was reusable cloth masks.

Disposable masks are the better option for medical and dental staff. These professionals need to be able to replace their masks for each client, lest they pass germs from one patient to the next. These medical staff has often used face masks as part of their regular job, even before the pandemic.

Reusable cloth masks are a better option for the general public. The cloth masks can be worn for a whole day, and then be washed and used again. This is quite effective protection when on public transport or in crowded environments. And it is soon more economical as we don’t have to continually buy new disposable masks.

We suggest buying two or three reusable cloth masks, so there is always one clean mask to use while the others are being washed.
Cloth masks can be embroidered to look unique and individual. This has some practical uses beyond the obvious novelty value. Children are more likely to wear a cloth mask if they like the embroidered design; we can put cartoon or superhero designs on the masks that children like. Furthermore, unique embroidered designs prevent us from all looking the same.
The Covid situation is a serious problem, but we might give it some positive spin while still protecting ourselves with unique embroidered face masks.