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Embroidery For Repair

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The two most common purposes of sowing these days are repairing clothes and embroidery. But these may not be mutually exclusive. More than a few times a creative approach to repairs has to lead to some repairs conducted with embroidery. A stain or tear can be very effectively concealed with some embroidery work.


These may develop wear over time. But we may not want to give up the favorite blanket that grandma gave us just because of a hole near the edge, or even in the centre.

If a blanket has a tear near the edge seam we can cover it with embroidery. This is particularly effective on corners. any type of design can work here, with flowers and butterflies being common, but emblems or cartoon characters can also work. Small or large, embroidery can work at the edge.

If the blanket is worn in the middle we can embroider a large design, something that seems to be in proportion to the size of the blanket. Or we might combine several smaller embroidery designs that are linked with a theme.

These are notorious for wearing out at the knees, at least when worn by children. Embroidery won’t really hide the fact that the knees have been worn through, but some colourful patterns will make the clothing look better.

Jean can also wear it through the back pocket. These tend to be smaller holes than what we might see at the knees. We can cover these with some embroidery. Consider geometric patterns, or emblems, which may designer jeans already use on the back.


Woolen or cashmere sweaters can develop holes because of wear or because of moths. These holes can be anywhere on the fabric. But embroidery can work anywhere to cover what are often small holes in the fabric. And the sweater can look better for this type of repair.

Understanding Modern Embroidery Service

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Things do take some time, but digitising and computer embroidery can be reasonably quick. When the words event, conference, anniversary, or something else that implies a specific date is used we know there is a deadline for getting things done. But if designs and requirements are settled in advance this is rarely an issue.

Of course, things do become an issue if designs keep changing. This is frustrating for us, but it is undoubtedly frustrating for the customer too. No one would settle on a design if they knew in advance that they were going to change it. But events that change sponsors or new information coming to light (you mean the customer misspelled the bride’s name!) mean that later changes do occur. Obviously, the sooner we know about this the better, especially if the clock is ticking.

Changes can affect the price. Even if we haven’t started the actual embroidery it takes time to digitise a design. Sometimes we can alter the digitised file, but more often we have to create a new file from scratch.

Sometimes the actual design stays the same but the material changes. This is an issue because embroidery that works with one medium may not work on another. It’s rare that someone wants the fine lace design transferred to a leather jacket, but not completely unknown. And it is a little worrying when the item to be embroidered is expensive or irreplaceable. An embroidery design is not removable without side effects.

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It’s easiest if the garments to be embroidered are generic. Company uniforms or sportswear are fine. If one item is ruined it is easily replaced. Uniforms that are already worn are an issue if they are in any way soiled. It’s also an issue if there are several different types of clothing that all need the same design. This can be done, but each garment has to be approached differently.