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Uniform Embroidery Sydney

Uniforms are part of a professional approach to your business. It shows the customers you are a serious company. And it help the staff feel professional, and part of a company team.

Of course, you will need the right uniform to suit your line of business, and to portray the image and standards that you want to staff to live up to.

The most basic, yet fundamental aspect of clothing. Do you want something light hearted for a party supply business, or neat and serious for a heavy industry line of work? Uniforms that stand out, or uniform that allow you to work quietly and effectively in the background?


White collared shirts with a company logo on the breast pocket work well for many companies. And you can add a embroidered jacket should the situation require it.

Embroidered overalls are great for electricians, concert riggers, painters, and other ‘hands on, blue collar’ work. The embroidery takes the simple overalls and takes them up a notch.

Safety markings:

More than a few industries require hi-viability clothing. This can be added with a hi-viz vest. Or Hi-viz colours, usually bold orange and yellow, can be incorporated into the actual clothing.

Hi-viz vests can be embroidered if necessary, to become part of the uniform.

Uniform Embroidery Services Sydney

‌‌When you design if decide upon the uniform that suits your company business, we can add the embroidery to make it truly professional.

Modern embroidery uses digitized designs and computer controlled machines to achieve the best results. After the embroidery design has been digitized the first time it can be reused on multiple uniform, though some variation is require of the uniform material changes.

Get the right uniform embroidery and have staff that look the part.

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