Clothing Embroidery

Formal Clothes



Corporate or personal, nothing says custom made like monogramed shirts or accessories. Individual or company identity is stylishly displayed and respectfully received. Usually considered in the best taste when minimalistic, the variety of monograms or crests are still quite varied.

Polo Shirts



Polo shirts are pretty much the first and last word for a neat and semi-formal style that gives a consistent look for any group. Support you company by dressing your staff in style, and in a manner suitable for anything from causal and sporting events to more formal club atmosphere.
Polo shirts are so economical that they are often custom made for individual events. Great for giveaways and promotions, great for getting a company name out there.




To give the company the appropriate professional look. They style of uniforms shows that the company is right for the job, the embroidery shows this particular company are a professional and established group.
Dress your employees to suit your company. Silently encourage them to live up to a standard you set with a company uniform. Separate the employees from the clientele and give your employees a sense of belonging and satisfaction.
A uniform statement is the exclamation point on what your company is already saying about itself.

Personalised Gifts



To make a present that much more special. If it’s the thought that counts, put the thought on the gift. Use embroidery to tie the gift to the event and the new owner. It’s a personal touch that can make an ordinary object part of an event, and part of life’s experience.