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Customise and Australian Made Mask

Australian Made Mask
Society changed with the Covid pandemic and the countermeasures designed to prevent the spread of the illness. What was once obsessive compulsive disorder (wearing a mask in public, washing hands many times per day) is now not only normal, but recommended and even sometimes mandatory. But as hygiene masks have become commonplace, they have also adapted to fit the culture and individuals.

Initially, all the facemasks worn in public were standard paper medical masks. These were effective, but the sudden demand when the pandemic started left supplies of masks depleted. This was very difficult for doctors, dentists and other health professionals who always wore masks as part of their regular work. There was a chance of not having enough paper masks for standard medical services.

A second issue, though far less urgent, was that everybody wore identical masks. This was monotonous, making us all look the same. It was sometimes an issue telling people apart.

These issues were partly solved with the use of cloth face masks. The fact that cloth masks were reusable meant that the supplies of paper masks were not threatened. It also saved some money, as we didn’t need to buy now masks every day.
Instead, we bought two or three cloth masks, and cycled through them, wearing one as the others were washed.

Cloth masks also provide an additional advantage. They can be customised. While it is possible to customise a disposable mask, the effort is hardly worth it – the mask is thrown out at the end of the day. But an embroidered cloth mash can be worn and reused for several years before it needs replacing.

An embroidered mask has a certain playful appeal. It encourages children to wear a mask, especially if it features a favourite cartoon character or design. It also allows adults to be less anonymous, as each embroidered mask can at least be a little distinct.

Australian Made Mask

Have an embroidered Australian made mask to help protect against illness. Custom embroidery allows for some individual style.

Embroidery on an Australian Made Mask

Australian Made Mask

Masks have varied between mandatory and recommended over the past two years. It is not hard to see why. When worn by both parties, the sick and the healthy, they reduce the chance of spreading Covid-19. So even when the wearing of masks is not enforced, we personally still think they are a good preventative measure.

Disposable masks are unfortunately a worrying issue. At first, they were in short supply because nobody knew the pandemic was coming. And we did not want to take away from the reserve supply used by doctors and dentists. Then, when more disposable masks came on the market, people started to notice the pollution they produced. When so many people started using disposable masks the landfill started to become cluttered. This is a legitimate issue. When everybody on the planet wears a new mask every day we produce countless tonnes of waste.

The solution was reusable masks. These cloth masks could be worn and washed many times, with a set of decent quality masks lasting more than a year. The idea was to buy two of three masks, so there was always a clean mask to wear while the other mask(s) were washed. This proved a satisfactory solution.

Custom Embroidery Australian Made Mask

Given the face masks are here for the time being, we should make the most of the situation and do something creative with them. A society of people all wearing identical masks, even if the colors vary, seems rather dull. And it leaves the possibility of getting individuals masks mixed up; we don’t want to put on somebody else’s mask by mistake. So we can customize masks with embroidery.

Advantages of an Embroidered Australian Made Mask

  • We can all look a little different with different embroidery.
  • There is far less chance of accidentally using somebody else’s mask.
  • It looks professional.
  • It is 3D, so it has a pleasing texture
  • It can be a individual design, yet repeated by computer control across many garments
  • Embroidery can be done over seams, in necessary
  • It is very long-lasting.
  • It works on almost any material
  • It will rarely fade in the wash or Sun, unlike simple printing
  • Embroidery is good option for logos or cartoon type images.

The only disadvantages of embroidery are slight. The details of the embroidered image cannot be too fine, nor can they be photorealstic.

Australian Made Mask

Face masks are essential protection against Covid. An embroidered cloth mask is washable, reuseable and customizable.

Advantages of Embroidery

Why Use Embroidery Sydney?

It is not too difficult to put any design on a T-shirt. Printing is easy. This same type of printing might be used on some other clothing materials. But it never really looks stylish. No formal wear uses printing. Nor do professional uniforms. If we want something that look professional, stylish and feel like part of the clothing, we use a different technique, like embroidery.
Embroidery adds durability, dimension and impact to a logo or other design. Modern embroidery can be done with computer design and a computer-controlled automated embroidery machine. The results are impeccable.

Advantages of Embroidery Sydney

  • It looks professional, high-quality more so than screen printing
  • It is 3D. So it has a pleasing texture
  • It can be unique design, yet repeated by computer control0 across many garments
  • It can be done over seams, in necessary
  • It is very long-lasting. Often it can outlast the garment
  • It works on almost any material
  • It will rarely fade in the wash or Sun, unlike simple printing
  • A good option for logos or cartoon type images

The only Issues of Embroidery Sydney

  • Text cannot be too thin, 8mmletters work well, 5mm is passable, but no smaller than this
  • I cannot be used on waterproof materials, unless the embroidery is on an external pocket
  • Cannot be photorealistic, or reproduce tiny detail

Embroidery Sydney

Modern embroidery is high quality. This can be produced quickly on computer-controlled machines. Excellent for uniforms.

Australian Made Masks for the Festive Season

Australian Made Mask Embroidery

There are many occasions where embroidery creates something appropriate, but Christmas is more than most other seasons. This is partly because we associate both Christmas and embroidery with warm clothing (even in hot countries) so we get embroidered goods at Christmas. But this is also because embroidery is so great for anything from custom designs to simple Christmas symbols like snowflakes and stars. So there is so much that comes to be done with embroidery at this time of year, even for those who are not too experienced with needles and thread.

During lockdown and other Covid-19 restrictions, we are all wearing masks at least some of the time. As some relief from the potential monotony of everybody wearing the same mask, we can get our cloth masks customised with embroidery. Our professional embroidery can do this in minimal time.

As it is Christmas we might want to consider some appropriately themed masks.

  • Forest scenes, with reindeer.
  • Stars, or an outline of a star with other symbols inside the borders.
  • Hearts are attractive in any season.
  • Candy canes with stripes
  • Snowmen
  • Holly
  • Flowers, another emblem good for all year
  • Snow-covered mountains.
  • Christmas trees might seem complex, but a series of small emblems arranged in an upward-pointing triangle looks like a decorated tree.
  • A Santa Claus Beard
  • A reindeer nose
  • Just a text message that is appropriate for the season – Merry Christmas to all.

Reusable cloth masks are a decent stocking stuffer, that will get some use in the next few months.

Australian Made Mask Embroidery

Australian Made Mask – Cloth masks can be embroidered to look unique and individual, and they offer solid protection against airborne germs.

Back To Australian Made Masks

Australian Made Mask

Unfortunately, Covid has yet to disappear. In fact, we can expect to have the occasional resurgence in the foreseeable future. So for the time being it looks like we will continue to wear face masks.

When the pandemic first became public we were advised to wear masks. For most people, this meant disposable paper masks, because these were initially more readily available. But the supplies of paper masks soon ran out, because nobody had the stock of supplies needed for the pandemic. We looked to the obvious alternative, cloth masks.

Cloth masks offered many advantages for most people. They were reusable, moderately cheap, and there was the possibility of wearing a colour design that paper disposable masks did not offer. For most of the public, this made cloth masks a better option. Only medical professionals needed the disposable masks because they needed a new mask for each new patient.

An added advantage of cloth masks is that they do not deplete the stock of disposable masks that the professionals need. If the public sticks to cloth masks the professionals will not run out of paper disposable masks.

Cloth masks can be individualized with embroidery. This allows us to have a mask made to suit the occasion, or simply to suit our own taste. If nothing else the mask can be unique, so we don’t confuse it with somebody else’s mask.

We suggest having three cloth masks. This allows us to always have a clean mask while the others are being washed or dried. A few cloth masks will soon prove to be cheaper than the purchase of new paper masks each day.

Australian Made Mask

An embroidered face mask can be individual and still protect us from airborne germs. Invest in a few cloth masks.

Why Reusable Australian Made Masks are Better

Australian Made Mask

An all too easily overlooked problem with disposable face masks is pollution. Most of us are aware of the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean. So we should have guessed that most face masks end up in the ocean too. With the Corona Virus pandemic still with us, the world is producing and using millions of masks per day. An estimated 75% of these end up in landfills.

Face masks that are carelessly discarded damage both the environment and tourism. The cost of fixing this issue is estimated to be in the billions. Prevention of the problem, finding alternatives to disposable face masks, would greatly reduce the cost.

Reusable Australian Made Masks

Reusable face masks cause virtually no pollution. The situation is simple to understand – The mask is reused, so it isn’t thrown away.

There is a further advantage to a reusable cloth mask. The cloth masks can be any colour we want, we are not limited to the pale blue paper mask colour. And the cloth masks can be embroidered. So we can customise the mask to suit our taste or social situation.

We suggest the use of two or three cloth masks. This allows us to always have a clean mask to wear while the other masks are being laundered.

Australian Made Masks

The Covid situation is unavoidable at the moment. But we can protect our health with a cloth mask, and display a little individuality in the process.

Reusable Cloth Australian Made Mask

The inconvenience of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all. But we should be thankful that Australia has not suffered nearly as badly as other countries. And remember that precautions such as face masks greatly reduce the risk of contracting the potentially fatal Covid infection.
Face masks are simple, yet effective. They prevent the breathing in of germs, so we are far less likely to get sick. The only disadvantages are the slight awkwardness of wearing a face covering, making breathing a little uncomfortable at first, and making speech a little difficult. We also tend to all look the same when wearing a mask. But this is a small price to pay.

Disposable masks were initially used when the Covid pandemic first became public knowledge. These worked well but quickly fell in short supply as so any people used them in public. The alternative for many people was reusable cloth masks.

Disposable masks are the better option for medical and dental staff. These professionals need to be able to replace their masks for each client, lest they pass germs from one patient to the next. These medical staff has often used face masks as part of their regular job, even before the pandemic.

Reusable cloth masks are a better option for the general public. The cloth masks can be worn for a whole day, and then be washed and used again. This is quite effective protection when on public transport or in crowded environments. And it is soon more economical as we don’t have to continually buy new disposable masks.

We suggest buying two or three reusable cloth masks, so there is always one clean mask to use while the others are being washed.
Cloth masks can be embroidered to look unique and individual. This has some practical uses beyond the obvious novelty value. Children are more likely to wear a cloth mask if they like the embroidered design; we can put cartoon or superhero designs on the masks that children like. Furthermore, unique embroidered designs prevent us from all looking the same.
The Covid situation is a serious problem, but we might give it some positive spin while still protecting ourselves with unique embroidered face masks.

Uniforms and Australian Made Masks

Australian Made Mask and Uniform

Company uniforms are great for presenting a professional image to customers, and for boosting solidarity of staff. Many individuals find they put on a professional attitude when they put on the company insignia.

Any uniform can be embroidered with a company logo, to make it look professional and smart. With modern computer design and computer aided manufacturing processes it is relatively easy to create consistent, smart looking embroidered logos.

Embroidered logos can be put on caps, shirt pockets, shirt sleeves, or on company products like tablecloths or towels. This gives a strong sense of coherence to everything a company does.

Australian Made Mask

Since the Covid-19 pandemic face masks have become ubiquitous. Initially these were almost always paper masks, which made everybody look the same. But some people soon realised that cloth masks were a good alternative to paper. The cloth masks were reusable and could be personalised with different colours and embellishments.

Embroidery can be used to add company logos to cloth masks, effectively making them part of a matching uniform. These are ideal for delivery services, or anybody working with customer services. The embroidered mask protects employees from infections, which is an important issue when we see many different people during the working day. And embroidered masks convey the right professional image.

Australian Made Mask and Uniforms

Computer embroidery can add slick professional logos to company uniforms and masks, giving the right look for your company.

Modern Australian Made Masks for Social Wear

A few years ago it was unusual to wear a surgical mask in public. Celebrities like Michael Jackson we considered eccentric for wearing a mask. The general public mistakenly thought that the people wearing the mask were the ones who were ill, when in fact the individuals wearing the mask were really just trying to protect themselves.

Since Covid became worldwide epidemic masks have become the norm. And we have come to understand that they are worn to prevent illness. People who are healthy are much less likely to contract an illness if they wear a mask, and use other precautions like sanitiser. Furthermore, a person who is already ill is less likely to spread the infection to others if they are wearing an Australian-made mask.

For a time the regular paper mask was in short supply. Previously the paper masks were mostly worn by medical and dental practitioners. Supplies ran low when everybody started wearing them.

The great alternative was cloth masks. These are ideal for the general public. The cloth masks could be washed and continually reused. This saved the paper masks for the medical profession, who needed a new mask for each patient.

An added advantage of the cloth mask is that it can be custom decorated to suit the individual. This helps reduce the uniform monotony of everybody wearing the identical face covering. And it allows us to have masks that match our style of dress.

Children also do better with cloth masks; we can give them a mask with a cartoon or novelty design, which encourages them to wear it more often.

We suggest having two or three cloth masks, so there is always a clean mask while the other mask is being laundered.

We can embroider any cloth mask with virtually any design in Australia. Have a mask that suits you, or that suits your fashion sense. Triumph a little over the Covid situation by embracing your individuality, and having a unique cloth mask design.

Why Use an Embroidered Face Mask?

Australian Made Masks

The Coronavirus changed everybody’s life to at least some extent. We all had to adopt lifestyle changes that reduced the chance of spreading the virus, including diligent hygiene and sanitising habits, and the wearing of face mask in public.

Initially there was a shortage of face masks. We previously did not require the entire population to wear masks on a daily basis. In the past only medical professionals needed this protection. So supplies of disposable face masks initially ran short. The situation was easier for those who used cloth masks, which had the advantage of being reusable.

Cloth masks are the best option for the general public. These reusable masks offer decent protection against spreading or contracting the Coronavirus, comparable to disposable paper mask. And they can be customised to suit the individual. Using cloth masks means there will be more disposable masks for the medical profession, who need to use several disposable masks each day, one for each new patient.

It is a good option to have two or three cloth masks, so we can wear one mask while the others are being laundered. A set of cloth masks can easily last for several years, which proves much less expensive than constantly buying disposable masks every day.

Cloth mask can be embroidered with virtually any design we wish. This is relatively cheap, and allows us to match the mask to our outfit, or to simply have a design that suits our personal taste.

Children are much more likely to wear their face mask if it is decorated with a design that they like. An embroidered mask is worthwhile for children simply to encourage it regular use.

Embroidered Australian Face Mask

Invest in a few embroidered masks to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Encourage children to wear a mask by giving them an embroidered mask with a design that they like.