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Advantages of Embroidery

Why Use Embroidery Sydney?

It is not too difficult to put any design on a T-shirt. Printing is easy. This same type of printing might be used on some other clothing materials. But it never really looks stylish. No formal wear uses printing. Nor do professional uniforms. If we want something that look professional, stylish and feel like part of the clothing, we use a different technique, like embroidery.
Embroidery adds durability, dimension and impact to a logo or other design. Modern embroidery can be done with computer design and a computer-controlled automated embroidery machine. The results are impeccable.

Advantages of Embroidery Sydney

  • It looks professional, high-quality more so than screen printing
  • It is 3D. So it has a pleasing texture
  • It can be unique design, yet repeated by computer control0 across many garments
  • It can be done over seams, in necessary
  • It is very long-lasting. Often it can outlast the garment
  • It works on almost any material
  • It will rarely fade in the wash or Sun, unlike simple printing
  • A good option for logos or cartoon type images

The only Issues of Embroidery Sydney

  • Text cannot be too thin, 8mmletters work well, 5mm is passable, but no smaller than this
  • I cannot be used on waterproof materials, unless the embroidery is on an external pocket
  • Cannot be photorealistic, or reproduce tiny detail

Embroidery Sydney

Modern embroidery is high quality. This can be produced quickly on computer-controlled machines. Excellent for uniforms.

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